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We Ranked 2nd Among 1,826 CBD Tinctures in 2020 and 5th among 2,212 in 2121

CBD Validator is an independent and unbiased 3rd party company that rates CBD oils based on source, price per dose, safety and quality.  The goal of CBD Validator is to empower consumers by bringing transparency to the CBD industry.

At Beck's Farma, our tinctures are made using only organically grown and hand harvested cannabis from here, on our farm.  Our seeds were hand sewn into a fallow field where they received only rain water for irrigation.  No pesticides or herbicides were ever used in our field, rather, we let the field return to natural prairie during the growing season. 

We selected an organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT) made using only the meat of the coconut as our carrier oil, thereby avoiding the inclusion of any foreign chemicals or material often found on coconut husks and palm fronds used to produce MCT, that would otherwise compromise its purity.  The selection process of our ingredients and rigorous third party testing ensure that Beck's is a superior product. 

Our full spectrum, winterized and decarboxylated cannabidoil was created through ethanol extraction.  By using ethanol as our extraction medium, we were able to retain many of our terpenes and cannabinoids that are often lost in the extraction process.  This decision gave Beck's tinctures a unique blend of infusion, creating the entourage effect, which is far more beneficial than the efficacy of products created using broad spectrum cannabidoil or isolate.


Store Policy


At Beck's Farma, because we stand by our products, we offer a money back gurantee if you are not satisfied with your experience and shipping is always free.

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